The FRATELLI GILARDONI society was founded in 1948 in Bellagio (Como), a few kilometers from the Swiss border as a turning mechanic Society.
Since 1959 it specialized in precision mechanic processing, grinded on the costumer’s design.
In 1973 the Society’s great ability of innovation produced a patent  in gear pumps sector allowing the entrance of the GILARDONI society in this market too.
In the 80s the gear pumps range was widened, as well as the covering of both the commercial and the industrial markets.
The geographic covering grew too, with the worldwide rising exportations.
In the early 2000s considering the continuous success, the Society extended its territory buying new areas and renewing its fleet of machines with new generation instrumentation, c.n.c. lathe and machining center.
Today GILARDONI Society projects and produces volumetric pumps  for the motion and the dosage of any industrial fluid, even high viscosity ones.
The competitive advantage and the economic results come from the constant research of an ever-increasing product quality, reliability, technology, better performance, innovation, and the optimization of the offered service.
Our singleness is to operate in a wide market, where we are able to satisfy the various and articulated requests in many industrial sectors.
The dedication is therefore addressed to a plurality of constantly evolving technical realities that require ever-increasing performances, thus a constant updating, both in design and in production.
Great attention also focuses on the realization of the spare and the internal parts, which constitute the secret of the success and longevity of the GILARDONI pumps.