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Gilardoni. The secret of our success in precision machining.

Gilardoni’s enterprise is one of the most specialized of the territory with a history of half a century behind that made it a reference point in the mechanical sector.

We specialize in making a wide range of machining such as cutting, turning, milling and grinding. We treat pieces of all sizes, but our specialization focuses on small precision machining.

We have an area specifically equipped for the assembly sector where we can carry out any type of installation. In our productions we treat almost any material, from light alloys to steels, from stainless steel to plastics.

It’s set in Bellagio, on the lake of Como and it has an industrial structure of about 900 square meters.

Today the GILARDONI designs and produces displacement pumps for the handling and the dosage of any industrial fluid, even at high viscosity. Competitive advantage, and financial results are obtained through the constant search for an increasing product quality, reliability, technology, performance, innovation and optimization of the service offered.

Our uniqueness is that to operate in a very large market, in terms of wealth of the industrial sectors in which we are able to satisfy the multiple and complex requests. The commitment is thus addressed to a plurality of technical realities in constant evolution that always require higher performance and therefore a constant updating, both in the design, that in the production.

Great attention is also paid to the realization of spare parts and the internal parts that make up the secret of the success and longevity of the GILARDONI pumps.