The GILARDONI gear pumps belong to the category of the volumetric rotary pumps with external teeth. The pumping action is performed by two rotors with helical teeth with the corrected and ground evolving profile, to achieve maximum volumetric efficiency and maximum silence. The high level of specialization of GILARDONI pumps is characterized by a number of advantages, common to all the articles in our range.

Constant capacity  The flow rate remains constant to the number of the engine revolutions and invariable with the working pressure.

Reversibility Reversing the rotation direction, inverts the liquid flow, maintaining the characteristics and the performance unchanged.

Auto enticement The high level of obtainable vacuum enables a rapid auto enticement to the maximum height allowed by the physical conditions of the pumped liquid (temperature, vapor tension, viscosity, etc.)

Long lasting Only two moving parts: rotor and idle wheel and a single axial grip, combined with low operating speeds and amply dimensioned rolling to support axial and radial loads, guarantee a long life to our gear pumps.

Minimal and simple maintenance Inspections and settings are possible without removing the pump, the piping and the engine.

Preheating Realized with rooms obtained in fusion around the main body.

Safety valves Bypass type, applicable to the pump and easily adjustable.  




PAINTINGS AND WOOD INDUSTRY Solvents, flocculants, pigments, liquid and / or paste dyes, organic and synthetic adhesives, resins etc

OIL INDUSTRY Olive oil, seed oil, rape oil, canola oil, soy oil, fats, margarines, additives etc…

SUGAR INDUSTRY Treacle and molasses, syrups, etc…

PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY Asphalt, bitumen, naphtha, diesel, kerosene, solvents, gasoline, polymer liquids, emulsions, pastes for adhesives etc…

COSMETIC INDUSTRY Fatty acids, olein, sulphonated alcohols, toothpastes, creams etc…

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Acids, bases, emulsions, lubricants, hydraulic, diathermy etc…

PAPER INDUSTRY Soap sulfate, tallow, fats, tallow oil etc…

FISH INDUSTRY Fish oil, cod liver oil, fish protein, fish fat, whale oil and sperm whale oil, waste water etc…

FOOD INDUSTRY Jam, juice and vegetable puree, sauce and tomato juice, mayonnaise, chocolate, honey, margarine, cream cheese, milk, condensed milk, egg yolk, licorice, glucose, gelatin etc…

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Chlorinated, chlorinated solvents, ointments, sulfides, hydro solutions, aniline oil, stearic acid etc…


Gilardoni’s gear pumps series “V” are the top of the range, they have structural characteristics similar to the series VSC, but they are enriched by the presence of two shields patented Termoplan that are widely used in the transfer of liquids of low and high viscosity, with ample delta temperature thanks to the particular design feature patented that allows to heat or cool used fluids, the fluids, within the chambers of heating or cooling, must have a pressure not higher than 6 BAR. This pump is able to work up to 20 bar pressure AT 1450 rpm, with the option bypass valve. It’s available in two versions: cast iron and steel.

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Gilardoni’s gear pumps series double monobloc  “VMD” DOUBLE MONOBLOC represent the natural evolution of the series VM of which retain the basic characteristics of being mounted on horizontal pipe, vertical, at any angle. This is the coupling of two pumps VM that allows a wide use of employment in special situations, in which the application of a standard pump denotes the limitations of use. The pump series VMD can be employed in the transfer of two different fluids with the use of only one motor, for obtaining a double flow or fluid used to clean the impurities, through a process of filtration, without any interruption of the productive cycle.

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Gilardoni’s gear pumps series  monobloc “VM” are characterized by the extreme versatility of application. The special feature of this pump, driven by electric motors B3 / B14 is the direct coupled by flexible coupling, without feet or base plates .. Adapting to electric motors is allowed by the adoption of a lantern B14 flange mounted on the pump. This peculiarity with the absence of feet and the support bases allows the mounting on horizontal, vertical pipes, with any inclination, also thanks to the patented design feature that allows a rotation of the pump on the driving axle of 360 ° with the next block at the position desired. Series is designed with pressure valve By pass and mechanical seal in Viton. They can be installed with the vertical engine axis.

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Gilardoni’s gear pumps series “VSC” are the cheapest and the most versatile product of our range. The construction patented in a few pieces completely disassembled ensure easy maintenance. We make available (quickly) all the spare parts that build it. For this reason, this series, very widespread, is characterized by an extreme reliability and consistent performance of long duration.

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